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The Internship is a flexible programme with different start dates at the beginning of each academic term.
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1. student worker
What did you study? What did you enjoy? Was there anything you found difficult? What did you learn whilst being a student?
Do you prefer leading or being led? How do you work with other people? Are you organised?
Reaching students, organising events, meeting people, social media, etc.
2. Production
Eg. Song words, live sound, camera work, production managing, other.
3. Worship department
This will incorporate worship leading, youth worship, kids worship and site worship.
How long have you been leading worship? What contexts are you mostly leading in?
Tell us what you've done or any experience you've had playing in a band context. It can be in a church or outside of one.
Do you love leading in kids work? Youth work? Students? All age Sunday morning? Let us know if you have any gifting, experience or heart for a particular ministry.
It can be large or small, youth or adults. No worries if not!
4. Children's work
Tell us what you've done. It can be in a church or outside of one.
Eg. Music, creative, acting, admin, etc.
If you have, please give examples.
5. clarendon centre - external events
In your answer please give an example of a time which your work ethic has proved your efficiency.
6. Youth
If so, please give details.
E.g. musical, creative, acting, admin, etc.
7. Social Engagement & HOVE CAFE
8. Creative Team
What are your main creative interests and strengths?
Please specify to what degree you can use this software as well.
Any public links (Youtube, Vimeo, website) or shared files from Dropbox, Google Drive etc.